Sunday, 23 January 2011

Why Blog?

I have always wondered why people feel the urge to blog.

If you are clever at something fine. If you have something everyone else is interested in great. But what if you are just a 'normal' person?

I am neither clever/witty/incredibly talented, so who is actually going to read my blog. And why?

And why am I doing it in the first place?

Hmmmmm - answers will be revealed.

Or not.

I look at all these pretty-pretty blogs (shabby chic is my current 'love') and I see such gifted, talented women...... "Look at what I did this morning, honey". I can't do any of that. I'm just not 'good' at anything.

I merely dabble.

I have dabbled in most crafts over the years.....stitching of various types, paper crafting, glass painting.....there was a good reason why I lost interest in each one. Usually it became so popular that everyone was doing it. So it was nothing special when I gave someone a card I had made - she could buy any number of magazines showing her how to do it herself. And better probably.

So I have no outstanding talent - just dabbles.

So I have nothing to show off that I 'did this morning'.

I cannot draw or paint.

My cooking is edible, not show-offable.

I do not live in a grand house.

I do not own loads of little 'things' that vignette every flat surface of my home.

I am just me.

And who is going to want to read about me?

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  1. Gotta say something! Not looked at anything other than your front page - rubbish, you're very witty! (Not rubbish, the blog)

    Oh what is this about your father? Who are those everybodies who didn't tell you?

    Oooh, and intrigued about the hypnotherapy. I've been "done" once and was amazed how easily I succumbed. And by the time I count to ten, your eyes will have closed - nah, I thought at 8 and then wow, they were shut!!!

    Thanks for sharing ....