Sunday, 28 August 2011

McDonald's, but not as we know it.

Beam me up Scotty.......

What has happened to Maccie D's?

We were in Milton Keynes today (yeah, I know but that's another story.....) and needed to wee. Oh look - the golden arches. Perhaps a Big Mac meal too then?

Entering we almost turned around and went out again - is this really McDonald's? There was a self-service machine where you placed your order and paid by card. There was also a 'collection point' so however you chose to order your meal you collected it from here. Imagine Maccie D's meets Argos.

The little boy who served us saw our bewildered faces and showed us where to go. It was embarrassing. Like Darby and Joan at a rave.

What I need to know is this the future for all McDonaldsis? Y'see we have eaten Big Macs in Luxor gazing at the magnificent temple. We cannot imagine how this space age version would be accepted in a country that is largely still living in the dark ages.


PS Photo's currently in Photoshop being resized, but watch this space.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hasn't Slave Labour Been Abolished?

There can't be anyone in UK who hasn't heard of Groupon by now. No, possibly Gladys in The Outer Hebrides hasn't.....So Gladys, this if for you love......

Groupon is basically a HUGE online advertising company. They advertise your business and take 50% (plus the all important VAT) on every job you do booked through them. There are pro's and con's.....

IF you don't want to get rich then they are a good plan. If you do want to get rich then apply for a job with them.

On the plus side there is opportunity to upsell to each customer, and you don't have any advertising costs for 3 months.

You will find yourself bending over backwards to please people who are too tight to pay a full (even very reasonable) price for a damned good job. They will still try to cheat you out of even more than you are already giving. You will be treated as something less than human (nothing new there actually).

But you can also meet some genuine people. You can also stalk them through their e mail addresses for further business in the future.

So am I for or against Groupon?

I will let you know in 3 months' time...................

Friday, 19 August 2011

HOW many posts?

Is this three today or four?
Just been reading it all back and realised there are some gaps.
So I am trying to fill them in.
Quick Gastric Band Update......
This was taken this week - 3 months after the band was fitted.
Looking and feeling younger/fitter/more energetic and positive.

A Face only a Mother could Love

This is Bailey.
Beautiful Boy.
Adopted by us on 27th July.
Very insecure.
Scared of his own shadow.
Iffy past.
Finally finding his place in life.
Much loved.

Here comes the Weekend

Friday evening.
End of the working week.
Or not.
The outlaws are coming tomorrow for the obligitory 'new home inspection'.
I haven't gone over board with food this time. Just jacket spuds. With a choice of bolognese sauce, chicken and vegetable curry, baked beans. 2 types of cheese, or just butter. Home made butter. And a salad. And a trifle. Not made a fuss at all.
They will be meeting Bailey for the first time. Oooer. And Masser. They have met Saba before. And dear little Yalla died before anyone got chance to meet him. Stop getting morbid, Moo. Just look forward to the weekend.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Do as you're told Moo

I was going to have a rant.

You rant? I hear you say. No way.

Trust me, I was.......

Freecycle aka Freeloaders.

The Salisbury 'cafe' group has become lackadasical (spelling?). Someone passed a comment, I agreed. Then a lady and I were discussing it and somehow it all got sent out to the entire group. Oooops.

I ended up resigning/unsubscribing/running away.

But I am not ranting - the lady I was airing my views to has become a friend. She makes me laugh.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Have you ever heard the saying 'the more people I meet the more I love my dog/cat/aardvark/whatever'? How true it is........

I cannot go into specifics but there are more people than a few pissing me off right now.....

There are those who think they are BIG and important and try to bully those they see as 'weaker'

There are those who are so wrapped up in their own wants and needs no one else matters a damn

Thinking about it they are mostly interchangeable aren't they? People who think they are better than the rest of us be it through having more money/position/power....

There are days I wish I knew how to hate. But I cannot spare that powerful an emotion on these poor deluded souls.

Then there are days, like today, when I just want to cry at the injustice of it all.......

Come on, Bailey, let's you and I go walk the woods.