Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beam me up Scotty.......

What has happened to Maccie D's?

We were in Milton Keynes today (yeah, I know but that's another story.....) and needed to wee. Oh look - the golden arches. Perhaps a Big Mac meal too then?

Entering we almost turned around and went out again - is this really McDonald's? There was a self-service machine where you placed your order and paid by card. There was also a 'collection point' so however you chose to order your meal you collected it from here. Imagine Maccie D's meets Argos.

The little boy who served us saw our bewildered faces and showed us where to go. It was embarrassing. Like Darby and Joan at a rave.

What I need to know is this the future for all McDonaldsis? Y'see we have eaten Big Macs in Luxor gazing at the magnificent temple. We cannot imagine how this space age version would be accepted in a country that is largely still living in the dark ages.


PS Photo's currently in Photoshop being resized, but watch this space.

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