Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hasn't Slave Labour Been Abolished?

There can't be anyone in UK who hasn't heard of Groupon by now. No, possibly Gladys in The Outer Hebrides hasn't.....So Gladys, this if for you love......

Groupon is basically a HUGE online advertising company. They advertise your business and take 50% (plus the all important VAT) on every job you do booked through them. There are pro's and con's.....

IF you don't want to get rich then they are a good plan. If you do want to get rich then apply for a job with them.

On the plus side there is opportunity to upsell to each customer, and you don't have any advertising costs for 3 months.

You will find yourself bending over backwards to please people who are too tight to pay a full (even very reasonable) price for a damned good job. They will still try to cheat you out of even more than you are already giving. You will be treated as something less than human (nothing new there actually).

But you can also meet some genuine people. You can also stalk them through their e mail addresses for further business in the future.

So am I for or against Groupon?

I will let you know in 3 months' time...................

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