Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Groupon Made my Boy Sick

So we were cleaning 5/6 different customer's carpets each day.

Some nice people.

Some chancers.

Some downright rude and abusive.

And got paid £11.60 per job. That is 3 carpets at each job. £11.60.

We looked forward to Saturday and the chance for a rest. We did the week's food shopping in the morning and returned home for lunch.

Steve felt cold. His tummy started aching. He was not well.

It is now Tuesday and he has been in bed pretty much since Saturday. He did manage to get up yesterday to see the GP, who wanted to test for Salmonella. WHAT? It was overwork in dire conditions plain and simple.....

Friday was a hot day. A very hot day. NOT ONE customer thought to even offer us a glass of water. We had 5 jobs to do, most of which were large rooms so were working against time to do them all. We had no time for lunch.

I am pretty certain that he was dehydrated. He could have picked up something on a carpet (cats/dogs/children) and not washed his hands (no mug to return to kitchen).

Maybe I am making excuses and we were slipshod.

The phone has not stopped ringing. We are advising customers of his illness and 99% are reasonable. But there was one who said it was most urgent that her carpets were cleaned in the next 2 weeks. I said I would be sure to pass the message on to my husband......

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