Monday, 31 October 2011

Beloved Bailey-Boy

Sad, but our boy has had to leave us......

When we came back from our French holiday he came home from his kennels a different dog. He had un-learned most of what we had taught him and was jumping like a flea.

Our first day back at work our neighbour had to lock him in his crate as he had escaped. We fixed the gap and left him again the following day. As we left to go to work we watched in horror as he seemed to attempt to rip the gate off. He had clearly been used to having attention whenever he wanted it, and that couldn't happen here.

We were working very long hours and leaving him in his crate for that amount of time was not feasible. What to do?

Enter Josh. A 5 year old living in Salisbury with special needs. He and Bailey met and it was like Romeo and Juliet. All in slo-mo......Soppy music, the lot.....We felt he had met the love of his life, that we had merely been fostering him until he met Josh. The two of them are inseperable.

We keep in touch and visit, although that breaks my heart all over again.

The main thing is that Bailey is happy.

And he clearly is.

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