Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Aftermath

Wednesday 9th Ocotber.

We both slept like logs after the day we had yesterday and awoke to the reality of getting our car home.

Steve wrote to the guy we had bought it from while I phoned Nissan dealers to ask whereabouts the spare wheel is on this particular model. I got answers from 'if you would like to pop it in I am sure we can find it' (um, I had said it was stranded 30 miles away); to 'I have never heard of that model'. My confidence in dealers was diminishing fast....

Steve had a bit more luck with the seller. While he did not accept any responsiblity for the condition he had sold us the vehicle in, he did enlighten us as to where to find the spare wheel. In the engine bay of course. D'errr why hadn't we thought of that?

So we drove back to Basingstoke and told the tyre centre guys where the spare was. Did they feel stupid? Until I told them about the Nissan Dealers.

So they swapped tyres for us and wouldn't accept any cash. Even after all they had done for us yesterday. More 'good' people and more carpet cleans promised. There was a sign in the centre with the area manager's name and phone number on. Steve made a note of this and later phoned and told the guy's answering machine how proud he should be of these workers.

We drove home on the dinky little spare and dropped in at a local breakers' yard on the off chance they had a wheel to fit. Not only did they have a suitable wheel and tyre, they fitted them for us for £35. Result.

As soon as we got home I relisted the car on eBay.

Although we had a pretty shitty day yesterday we truly believe it was all meant to happen for a reason. Perhaps if we had continued our journey we would have been involved in an accident? Perhaps we are supposed to sell the car before something major happens? Or are we just looking in the wrong direction for our perfect vehicle? Only time will tell.

As we sit here in front of a blazing fire it is easy to put yesterday's traumas in the 'been there, done that' category. But it does us good to remember that somewhere in the world someone is going through far worse than we did. It's all relative.

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