Sunday, 13 November 2011

All Change.

Cars that is.

Derek went today. The Jeep will be going during the week. And we are going to collect our new one tomorrow. What?! Yes, we did it all over the weekend.

There is a little tale behind the one we have bought actually.....(isn't there always?)

We (as in Steve really) had been watching several on eBay. There was one in particular that had no bids on it. And it was a very reasonable starting price. South Brent. Oh, London - not a million miles. So we bid. And won.

It wasn't until the guy got in touch that we discovered it wasn't the South Brent in London. It was the one in Devon. Didn't even know there was one in Devon. Hey ho - Devon here we come....

Devon is the county of my childhood. I lived there for 2 years (5-7 years old) and most of my childhood holidays were taken there. In Exmouth which is where my Mum was born. I have many wonderful memories of Exmouth. So when Steve said we could come home via Exmouth I cried. Oh boy - Exmouth again after all these years....

So I started googling.

And became disillusioned.

I couldn't recognise most of it. It has changed so much.

So whilst it would be brilliant to see the place again, I wouldn't be seeing the place I remember. So I have decided it wouldn't be the best plan. We will go to Torquay instead.

My Mum must be turning in her grave to see the way they have pulled her beloved Exmouth around. But as Steve pointed out it's progress. Nothing stays the same. Sad.

Exmouth will remain in my dreams the way it always was. And there is no progress there.

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