Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire Night - Happy Birthday Mum

On this day 96 years ago my Beautiful Mum was born. She had 4 older brothers who made her dread her birthday each year by telling her that she had arrived on a rocket and would leave on one too.

But as she aged and had children and grandchildren she saw the joy of such a momentous birth date. Each year the family would gather for fireworks and bonfire food. Gifts were wrapped with firework-bright tinsel, and the Birthday Girl had a wonderful time.

Ten years ago this lovely lady died.

Bonfire Night has since held bitter-sweet feelings for me. The fireworks remind me of my loss, but also the happiness she brought into so many peoples' lives. There is not a day goes by without me saying a 'Dulcie-ism' as her words of wisdom are known in our house. Many a time I will say something bizarre and Steve will say 'That's Dulcie'.

                                             Dulcie (meaning soft and gentle) Florence Peach
                                                                      1915 - 2001

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