Saturday, 19 November 2011

The First Swim

So it didn't happen on Friday as planned - I was concerned about putting her *** to bed wet and cold.

So she has had her first encounter with water today - Saturday. We have fired up the Rayburn to make sure she is warm enough. The kitchen feels marvellous.

I part-filled a roller paint tray with tepid (NOT cold) water and put her on the sloping bit for her to walk down into the water. She wasn't at all sure about this.....

She flapped around and tried to escape.

So we tried again.

And again.

And added more water so that she couldn't put her feet on the bottom.

She splashed around a bit and really did not seem over-impressed with the idea at all.

So we put her back in the brooder, where she proceeded to preen herself.

Result then!

That is what the water is all about.

*** We tried to vent-sex her, and as nothing popped out Steve determined that she is a girl. Of course we could have got it totally wrong, time will tell.

 I suppose it is better thinking of her as female as it would be bit of a shock if our 'fella' laid an egg!

And she is too pretty to be a bloke!

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