Monday, 28 November 2011

Just sneaking this one in

Yes, I know it's a Duck Day today, but I just wanted to sneak this pic in.....

Y'see Steve does not do cats. He has never had a cat as a pet/had close contact with cats/liked cats. He had this preconceived idea that they are haughty, offhand, come in only to be fed and are generally not nice beings.

So when we got Sam and Ella he was distant to say the least. They were here to do a job which was keeping the mouse population under control.

8(?) weeks down the line Mickey and pals are still running riot under the house. So keep has not been earned. BUT.....the man who 'don't do cats' has had to have his opinions changed. They do the stereotypical 'someone doesn't like us so we will try harder' on him. Ella in particular will sit on his lap and gaze adoringly at him, purring her little head off. Sam doesn't work quite as hard as he has somehow worked his way in by other means.

Yeah, right!

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