Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sam 'n' Ella Update

Yes, they are still here, still growing and still absolutely adorable.

They are now quite adept at going in and out of the cat flap, but are far happier when one of us is in the garden with them. In fact I get the impression they would like to be permanently glued to us.

They are a great source of amusement and the French Canadian (aka hearth rug) seems to be a favourite toy. Usually Sam is the one who hides in it and Ella bats any sticking out bits. They also love a glittery toy that is hanging by elastic on the door handle. Do they know when I laugh at their antics? Does it encourage them?

Favourite place? On Steve's front. There seems to be truth in the adage that they love whoever is coolest towards them....

This photo is just wrong on so many levels.....

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