Sunday, 20 November 2011

Second Swim

So we tried again today. And will do tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.


She is getting the hang of it!

Today we used the washing up bowl (made sure there was no Fairy left in it) as it is deeper - no cheating with feetsis on the floor!

She initially did the same as yesterday and tried to get out. But with perpendicular sides there was no escape. So she swam - I could see her little feet paddling under the water - so cute! And then she did what ducks do....she put her head under the water! Not only once but twice. SO she really is a duck!

We took her out shortly after as we are still aware of the temperature difference.

Can you see how much she has grown? I think I will do a composite picture of her next to an egg just to show the tremendous growth rate.

Speaking of the other eggs......Still nothing. Their stay of execution ends tomorrow.

I cannot just dump them in the bin - they were real living creatures and deserve some dignity. So the eggs will be put into a pond - which I think is quite fitting for ducks. "Burial at Sea" says Steve.

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