Wednesday, 9 November 2011

That was the Day That Was

Tuesday 8th November we were due in court to claim our deposit back from our ex-landlord.

We won, but seeing the poor little girl sat there all alone made me want to cry for her. You see she was also a victim - of an unscrupulous lettings agent. He made the rules up to suit himself and convinced her that his word was law.

Well clearly it wasn't and after doing and re-doing our homework we felt confident enough to challenge him. And guess what? He didn't have the nerve to turn up at the court, not even as morale support. He left this naive little girl to fend for herself.

I had to put her straight and advised her to sort the agent out. But I don't think she wanted to speak to me at that moment.

So after just 15 minutes in court we set off homewards. 30 miles, no problem. We were in the vehicle we had bought just 24 hours previously and life was looking good.

We were driving along the M3 discussing the case when a tyre blew. And we had no spare. Well with recent motorway accidents very much on our minds we didn't want to sit there on a dull drizzly day. So we limped back into Basingstoke.

The tyre was decimated and the rim was wearing away. We found a tyre depot who, although they don't do wheels bent over absolutely backwards to try to help us out. They phoned every scrappy and every dealer they could think of, but the only one that might have fitted didn't. And cost us £22.

Another customer overheard us (alright then me in tears) worrying how we were going to get home. Remember we are 30 miles away, it is getting dark and it is raining. He very kindly drove us to the railway station and said had his wife not been going out he would have brought us all the way home. We took his business card and promised a free carpet clean once we had sorted our transport. What a nice thing to do.

So we got the train to Salisbury, then another one to Dean which is 2 1/2 miles away from our home. Along dark country lanes.

There was a lady sitting in her car clearly waiting for another train's arrival. I asked her which direction she would be going in. And bless her heart she picked her husband up and drove us in the opposite direction to their home to our friends house. We felt we couldn't ask her to take us all the way home as it is way off the beaten track. A second Angel of Mercy in one day

Our friend was the third when she took us to our door.

So after 9 hours we were home. We had the problem of retrieving the car somehow, but we were safe. And at the end of the day that was all that really mattered.

And our faith in human nature had soared.

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