Friday, 30 December 2011

12 hours

At 4 a.m. I awoke full of trepidation.......

The eggs' stay of execution was almost at an end. We had decided that they would have to go to the pond today or tomorrow. None of them could have survived those 5 hours a week ago with no heat.

Then I realised that today was a shoot day. Did I mention that we are right in the middle of pheasant country? The beaters all park outside our home so there is no way we would traipse past them with 8 eggs in our hands.

Tomorrow then.....

I drifted back to sleep.

The next thing I knew Steve was opening curtains and telling me I should go look in the incubator........

This is what I saw.....

                                                            OMG - one of them survived!!!

This was amazing - a miracle. Five hours without heat, and this little duck had got through it!

As we ate breakfast we could hear taps and peeps - oh wow - didn't think that was about to happen.

We had to nip out for a couple of hours, this is how it looked when we got back.....

I sat and watched as millimetre by laborious millimetre this brave little baby duck opened its shell. I felt honoured to be watching this new life emerging.

At 3.10 .p.m...........

And by 3.30 p.m........

Our gorgeous little Non-Aylesbury * Duckling

                               (Sorry, no cropping or editing has been done today - been too busy!)


One of the white eggs has been pipping too, and there is now a hole in its shell!

So a day that started with such sorrow has ended up joyfully.

* Non Aylesbury......There was an issue with 6 'Aylesbury' eggs we bought from a lady in Scotland. That is where Ace appeared from. She is not Aylesbury and neither is this little treasure. The white one that is now pipping we know will be an Aylesbury as that is all that lady in Essex deals with.

We don't really mind at the moment, we love Ace and will love this one too. But when your business is called 'Puddleducks' it would be helpful to have a few Aylesburys!

This precious, miracle baby is going to be called Ebony, as when the next one (hopefully) hatches it will be white, therefore Ivory. Yeah, I know but we like it!

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