Friday, 16 December 2011

All Change. Again.

Who knew we wanted a new sofa? Neither of us did that's for sure.....

But there was a scrummy one on Freecycle yesterday afternoon and Steve said 'go for it' so I did. And won :-)

Trouble is it is rather large. And white.

But it takes a lot to deter a Rothwell so we went out in the rain and semi-dark to collect it.

Once we got it home it was mud-splattered from the road. No matter, loose covers wash.


Would it go through the front door? You guessed......

It was cold and dark by now, it was raining. So we decided to cover it with a tarpaulin and leave it in the front garden overnight. If it survived it was meant to be, if it didn't it wasn't.

It survived. Sort of. It was a fair bit wet in places where it had rained all night, but we could let it dry and it would be fine. Now to get it into the house.....

We finally found out how to remove the legs, but it still wasn't going to go around the angles of the front door and hall. So we carried around to the back door. And it went straight through the kitties' bedroom and into the lounge.

The cover has been washed and is drying. But it is covered with blankets and throws at the moment. And the cats have staked their claim....Ooooh look, Mummy and Daddy have got us our own seat. Huh!

This is the life eh Ella-Me-Lella-Bo?

I was going to upload a photo of the whole sofa, not just the kitties' seat, but it has disappeared. I know - I'll take another one. BRB........

That didn't take long did it?

Notice that Ella has abandoned Sam? She is looking out of the window - counting pheasant? So Sam looks very smug with the whole of this new playground to himself. Doesn't it look nice? And it is sooo comfy.

So all the trauma of last night was worth it.

Of course it means we have a 3-piece to get rid of. I tried to Freecycle it, but all I got was 'can you send photo's' and 'can you deliver it'? No and No. So we tried the Burnbake Trust. They cannot do anything until 5th January. So it has been relegated to the woodshed. If things get really tough in the meantime it would make decent firewood!

A friend came round to see the ducklings this morning. She hasn't seen them for a week and she couldn't believe the size of them. They have the same effect on us every day. I invited her to hand-feed them, which she was keen to do until she realised what I had in my hand - dried mealworms. Live ones, no I couldn't touch, but these are dead. And dried. Wuss!

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