Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Best Laid Plans.......

Happy Morning, Good Xmas!

So how has it been? Or indeed still being?

Ours is over - life is back to 'normal'.

It started at 9 am with the ducks - they don't know it's anything different so needed attending to as usual. They also got a couple of handsful of worms (dried) and a bowl of cabbage (fresh).

Yum - Cabbage Pond Soup

Kitties got a tin of mackerel between them. Initally - oh yum, this is posh.....But half of it is still in their bowls. Fickle creatures.

His and Hers bowls (they would argue over one bowl between them.

Our posh breakfast was a bacon sandwich and a glass of orange juice.

We lazed around most of the morning then at around 12 o'clock we packed our lunch and set off for the seaside.........Yipee! I love the sea.

Posh restaurant-style menu

We have never been to Lepe beach before, but from the photo's on Google Maps it looked pretty wild, remote and deserted.

Google Maps lied - there were millions of people there. Oh alright about 50 or so cars, but still too many people. The sea, however was all we had hoped it would be......

Wild Solent Sea.

But no matter how beautiful the sea, there was no way we could relax and eat our lunch with so many people around. I have a thing about crowds (so does Steve), and while you couldn't really class it as 'crowds' there were still too many people milling around for our comfort.

So we drove 4 miles along the coast to Hythe (Google it) on the estuary. Obviously the sea wasn't wild there, but there was only one other car in the car park. Much more like it, so we ate our lunch there.

There were a lot of people out and about generally - the roads were pretty busy. Why weren't all these people at home doing the Xmas thing?!

When we got home (just before 3pm - in time for 3 at T!) the ducks still needed looking at and locking in safely. They have been out all day again and have clearly had a ball judging by the state of their 'ensuite' pond.

So just another day.

All those weeks/months of planning and preparation and it is over in a day. Not that we do the weeks and months of course.

As we were driving along I was looking at peoples' homes and wondering what was going on inside them. Were they all greeting family? If so was it with genuine pleasure or with trepidation? There is such pressure on everyone to be merry and bright it's enough to push you in the opposite direction. Many a Xmas night I have spent in tears, feeling I had not done well enough.

No more!

There are only 2 people I have to please - me and Steve.

We spend 24 hours a day together all year, so Xmas really is just another day to us.

Even if we did all have posh food!`

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