Monday, 12 December 2011


Now all the duckies are in one place we are interested to watch how they interact with each other. Ace always seems to be at the centre of things - they really do seem to have accepted her.

After this afternoon's swim we returned them to their cot to preen and get warm. When we looked Ace had her little entourage around her, all except for 3. The smallest 3. Is there a little peer group forming? Next time we checked everyone was all together. Odd.

They had their swim in the baby bath today so that no one could escape. There isn't a great deal more room in it than there was in the WUP, but they have to stay where they are put.

Shame the same can't be said about the cot......We went out this morning and came home to mad peeping from the kitchen. a) they had drunk all their water, and b) someone had escaped! Honestly, they all chew at the tarpaulin which pulls it down around the edges. Someone took advantage and hopped over the top and between the bars. The kittens came in to see what was going on and were fascinated by this little yellow thing on the floor.

A while later I carefully opened the kitchen door to see 8 little heads peering over the top of the tarpaulin. Guessing there was another escapee I opened the door very slowly, and sure enough there he/she was wandering around the kitchen cool as a cucumber! We have to wonder if it was the same little person each time - they are not that easy to tell apart yet!

They are so much fun and very entertaining. Each day they learn something new, like Ace's 'wack wack' sounds. They are all ducking under the water for a good wash. They are little people. And I love each and every little one of them.

Notice Ace eating from Steve's hand. This tickles!
Please don't notice the colour of the water -
Dirty Duckies!

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