Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brothers and Sisters.

We went to Essex yesterday to collect 6 x Aylesbury Ducklings. They were 5 days old.


When we got there there were not 6, but 8. The lady (who shall henceforth be known as Auntie Lesley) said she didn't know if we would want the 2 littlest ones as they had been 'down pecked' by a gosling. Having been on the receiving end of bullies there was no way I could leave them there. So we brought all 8 home with us. Obviously there needs to be minor tweaking to the living arrangements to accomodate 2 extra little people.

She also gave us 4 x fertile Aylesbury eggs to hatch ourselves. They are totally different to the so-called Ayleburys already in our incubator. They are also due to hatch around Xmas/Boxing Day so a double interesting time....

But just look at what happened on the way home.....We parked up on the M25 (due to an earlier fire in a hay truck) for 2 hours, and the ducklings were curious as to what was happening......

Steve reckons the other drivers' reactions were amusing!

Funny thing is, once we were moving again the little heads went back inside the box.

All eight arrived home safely. We put Ace in with them at first but she seemed a little too big and bossy so we have separated them again.

They have all had a swim this afternoon, and the 3/4 who have baldy bits snuggled directly under the lamp. I have to admit to being a little concerned about 2 of them. They are so much smaller than the rest, both down-plucked and seemingly weaker. I mustn't get attached...I mustn't get attached....

A bowlful of Duckies.

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