Monday, 5 December 2011

Candling and cots.

We candled all our new eggs last night....

Last time we candled I said I would upload a photo but didn't. Now I remember why......I took one again during this lot of candling - I photographed lots of veins, but it turned out as just an egg. Won't bother again.
6 replacements from the eBay person = 100% fertile! This is excellent news, but the cynic in me says 'yes, but 6 whats?' Whatever they turn out to be they will be loved and welcomed, but more so if they are Aylesburys. Don't think about that now.....

Of the 4 that Lesley gave us 2 are duds. This is very sad as we know these are Aylseburys. But 50% is better than nothing right?

The babies are growing at an immense rate. Ace looks like a real duck, albeit a fluffy one. The 8 are still baldies but growing the softest, fluffiest feathers gradually. There should be more photo's today.

We got them all a new play area yesterday. A travel cot! It will be absolutely ideal for when their brooders are being cleaned, and just for a general change of scenery. We will be able to clip a heat lamp onto it so they should be able to stay in it for quite a while.

There is quite a story behind the collecting of said cot actually....we had to go inside a military base (CBRN). This involved photographs and getting all our details checked. Oooer. Well Steve did anyway - I was considered not important enough. Hehehe!

I was telling my friend about it and she said it was amazing we hadn't had to book months in advance, sign our application forms in blood and swear allegiance to the Offical Secrets Act.

Double oooer then.

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