Saturday, 31 December 2011

Can't Stop 'Em!

This morning we had to go out for a couple of hours.

This is what we came back to......

By around 1.15 p.m. (we were eating our lunch in the lounge) Little Ivory had emerged!

CLEARLY an Aylesbury!

And even more good news - the egg that is next to her in the top picture now has a 1/4 " hole in it too! So that will be another Aylesbury.

The 5 in the background would have been Ebony's sisters, but we are certain they are all DIS as they were due on Boxing Day.

I was a little concerned about Ebony actually as she just seemed to sit in her brooder (we took her out of the incubator last night) and do nothing. I hadn't seen her eat or drink.

So I found some egg food from when we had had the cockatiels and put some in a tiny glass dish next to her. Also put some water in a similar dish. I also had a syringe at the ready.


I am happy to report that she is now eating and drinking like a good girl!

                                       Ebony in her brooder - Ivory should join her later today.

And now of course we have a new issue - names! Ebony and Ivory may be cheesy, but they suit them so well. But what do we call the third?

I jokingly said 'Fred' but that is not a very feminine name. And we like to think of them as girls (egg layers).

So I started thinking along the lines of precious elements.....Precious as a name was favourite for a while, but Lord of the Rings has put paid to that!

Ebony, Ivory and........Pearl?

What do you think?

Any better ideas?

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