Friday, 23 December 2011

The Day You Knew Would Arrive is Here, You'll Survive.....*

(* Credit to Tim Rice - quote from Evita)

Which day?

THE day.

My babies have moved outside to the nursery.

Yes, I know they should have been there a week ago.

Yes I know they are far easier to clean.

Yes I know we have new ones hatching any day.........................

                                                                                                        But I MISS them

The kitchen is so quiet ( and non smelly!) without them.

I keep going out and peeping through the window at them. I must get the baby monitor sorted out so I can see them from where I sit.

Realisitically it does make a lot of sense.

We took them out (in a bucket - a bucket of ducks) and put them straight into their outside cold bath. Poor babies.....But they were soon splashing around and getting clean. It's a very mild day for 23rd December so I didn't have any real argument did I?

They were allowed 5 minutes in the bath then put into the nice warm nursery......

They seem to have adapted straightaway, unlike me who is going through the 'first day at school' trauma 9 times over. Think I'll just pop out to see how they are now. BRB......

Not the best photo' ever, but you can see they have all snuggled down for a snooze as they always do after a swim and a preen.

So then I start worrying - what if they can't make their way up and down the ramp for food and water? But I know they can really. No duck ever starved because they couldn't manage a ramp! If they do struggle we have some rubbery matting we can attach to help them.

It is really weird to go into the kitchen ducks/noise/smell.......

Until a couple of days' time when it all starts again 

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