Thursday, 8 December 2011

Duck and Cat-free zone Today (*well mostly*)

Because I am on my soap box.

I am ranting.

And raving.

Well I was anyway.

Here is the story of our day so far........

We had a carpet cleaning job booked in Eastleigh - a good 20+  miles away. This was for an existing customer,

We arrived early as we usually do, just in case the customer can have the work done early. We rang the bell but there was no one home. There was a light on in the hall (burlgar deterrent?) and a To Let sign outside. But no customer.

We waited for over half an hour before we decided she wasn't going to show. With no-shows we put a letter through the letterbox as a reminder that we had an appointment booked.

I wanted to write 'WE DROVE ALL THIS WAY AND YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE DECENCY TO BE HERE.....YOU OWE US MONEY' or words to that effect. But there could have been a very good reason for her absence, so I just out 'sorry you were unable to keep our appointment, please telephone to advise'. Polite or what?

I was annoyed because it had cost us to get there. If we invoiced no-showers we would have had to charge for the clean - £40 plus petrol @40p per mile. Total of £58.80. But we don't. There is little point.

We had a cheque (yes antiquated, but so are some of our customers) to pay into the bank so we decided to do that in Eastleigh. Well we were there after all.

After the bank we had a wander around the charity shops. All but one were so overpriced, I got in a strop again.

I was walking along whinging about people taking the wotsit, how are we supposed to make a living, don't they realise we have expenses too etc. I was not being very nice at all.


We bumped into a Big Issue seller.

Reality Check.

2 years ago we were very nearly homeless ourselves. At this time of year. Everything suddenly fell into perspective for me.

I gave the salesman my last pound and have had a warm glow inside ever since.

*Cats were bought a new toy from the market - furry creatures on springs.

Ace was bought BIG GIRLS' FOOD - Growers' Pellets

Babies were bought more Chick Crumb*

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