Sunday, 18 December 2011

Everybody Out!

I think they were keen to get into the bath this morning. If you'd seen the state of their under-bellies it was hardly surprising. In fact we think they could well be a new breed of duck altogether - 'The Grubby-Bellied Aylesbury'. And 'The Grubby-Bellied Whatever You Are' Ace.

But I digress.

Steve had got the bath out ready to fill with water. One had seen it. Now I didn't know much at all about ducks pre-Ace, but I have learned that they are like sheep - one goes somewhere and they all follow. This was the first time we had seen the Great Escape.......

Quit Pushing at the Back

I said QUIT IT!

Filthy looking creatures aren't they? Oh, but when they are bathed, cleaned and preened they are just the most gorgeous little things ever. And soooo soft. Like stroking a cloud....

And look at Miss Ace showing off her chest this morning.......

And doesn't she look proud of herself?

On a personal note, I am not feeling the best ever today. Varying reasons, but Xmas has a fair bit to do with it.

Have I written before that we don't 'do' Xmas? Can't remember. But we don't. It's not a religious thing, just a choice. My Mum's passing ended the joy of Xmas for me as she was the original Xmas Fairy - she loved it. And now I don't.

And with just a week to go, everywhere is frenzied activity.

Most of me is relieved (how the hell do people afford it all?) but there is a twinge of sadness - I so wish my Mum was still alive.

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