Thursday, 29 December 2011

I Wanna Tell You a Story (sorry Max!)

Once upon a time there were two sisters.

The elder one did not like the younger one at all and bullied her.

The younger one was too timid to answer back and was very unhappy.

Their parents always treated each daughter the same and specified that when they died their estate would be split exactly in 2 - to the penny.

The elder sister lived with the parents, but treated them badly. She stopped calling their father Dad and called him ****head instead. Not just referred to - she actually called him this to his face. He was a very placid person (like his younger daughter) and allowed her to do this. What a nasty way to treat a parent.

The younger daughter had an exciting life travelling to wonderful places, finally settling in a little country cottage with her beloved husband and their animals. She was very happy.

Their mother died and left their father (****head remember) at the mercy of the eldest daughter.

Younger daughter was living very happily until one day she received the shock news that her father had passed away, a year ago and elder sister had not bothered to tell her. That's a bit mean isn't it?

So younger daughter contacted their parents' solicitor who was as confused as she was. He advised trying to reason with elder sister.


Unfortunately that is all I know of this story.

There is no end yet - that is down to Elder Sister.

But watch this space.

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