Monday, 26 December 2011

I will live with you forever.....

In a bit of a sombre vein today - there is death around.

Three times this year I have been linked (albeit remotely) to death.

The first was finding out that my Dad had died a year previously. This one took some getting my head round.

The second was a friend's  friend's daughter. Aged 30. Accidental.

This morning, Boxing Day, I have heard of a third. This one was another friend's brother's wife's sister's child. A 3 month old baby girl.

I could go through all the expected 'oh and at Xmas too' but that implies there is an 'easy' time to lose a child. And there isn't..

It is every parent's worst nightmare - to have one of your children die before you. It goes against all that we believe to be the correct order of things.

I don't know how these people cope.

I stood in my garden this morning watching the ducks grubbing and the cats chasing each other. I had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. How lucky I am to have the life I have.

And yet it could all be snatched away in a second.

So no jokes, jovialty and silliness today.

Just a moment to think of those who are not as lucky as us.


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