Thursday, 22 December 2011

In Just 4 Weeks.....

..........our babies have got SO HUGE.......

After their (COLD) swim I gave each one a cuddle in a towel to get them warm (we did put the heat back on in the brooder).

It occured to us that we had taken loads of photo's of them, but none of them being held since they first arrived.

So we took some.

And I had a play on Photoshop.

This was the result......

Probably not the same duck, but they are all pretty much the same size as each other now.

These photo's shocked us - we forget how tiny they were and tend to think they have always been HUGE.

I am still sad that they have to go outdoors, but I keep being reminded that they are not all our pets - we will be selling some of them. They are a 'commodity'.

Doesn't stop me loving them though does it?

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