Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Later, the same day......

I have been to Damascus.

Or was it Eureka?

Not sure, but 'something' inside me changed this morning.......

This Xmas business......

It has been on my mind a lot. A lot more than it has for years. I am thinking constantly about my Mum and I am pretty low....

Or at least I was.

We went shopping this morning - there were bits we needed for the duckies' housing (as ever) so we went to Andover. We nipped in to The Range while we were there and I browsed the Xmas decs. And found myself buying a tiny hang-on-the-tree ornament of a Xmas Tree. Oooer - we have a Xmas Tree! Where did that come from?!

We then went on to Enham Alamein. This is a small village that has been created for the disabled in the community. All the shops are ramped for easy wheelchair access and there is an atmosphere of acceptance everywhere. There is also a charity based there who help people with disabilities.

2 years ago when we were both very depressed we had assistance from them in the form of a grant to start our business. Who would have thought that depression is classed as a disability? We didn't.

But they were marvellous to us and we go to their charity shop in the village as often as we can. Our little way of giving something back.

So we were in the charity shop this morning. One of the ladies who works there was trying to sell a couple of artificial Xmas trees. She asked us were we interested and we both vehemently shook our heads no!


I started to think about this carefully.......Did we want a tree? It didn't mean we had to do all of the Xmas thing, but would a tree be nice?

So I approached her and explained that although we don't 'do' Xmas a tree may be nice after all. I suddenly found myself pouring my heart out to her over my feelings of Xmas and my beloved Mum.

She took charge.

In that case, she said, I think it's time you started celebrating your Mum's love for it and had a tree! Oh no, I said, then we would have to go and buy decs and lights and.....

No need. We have everything you could need here.

First - how would a black tree be?


Decs? You can have whatever you want and the price will be £5 for the lot, including the tree......

I found myself in a frenzy of choosing baubles, a fairy and lights. And suddenly there were tears rolling down my cheeks....How embarrassing, in the middle of a shop.......

But she was wonderful. As was Steve.

We made our choices and went to the till to pay. The girl on the till clearly hadn't heard what was being discussed as she rang it all through and it came to £14 something. No, said our 'Fairy Godmother' - it's just £5 - this is a special Xmas for them.....

More tears.

Steve left me looking at other stuff and disappeared into the back of the shop.

When he came back he was glowing - he had offered to clean their carpets (free) as a Thank You for helping me deal with my Xmas issues. They were overwhelmed. He explained how Enham had been our saviour and without them we wouldn't even have a business. So this was a double Thank You.

I left the shop, still 'leaking' but feeling like a new heart was soaring.....


We still don't 'do' Xmas in the way most of you do - we still have issues with the commercial aspects and the overspending. We will continue to buy gifts for those we love whenever the mood takes us, and not when the date dictates we should. Surely that is the true spirit of giving after all?

But we have a tree.

And I just know that wherever my Mum is, she is smiling down with happiness at this change in me. She would hate me to be miserable, and she approves that I have had the sense to compromise my beliefs.
I love you Mum.

(photo to follow........)

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