Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Lovely Day for Ducks.

This is something my Mum used to say when it rained.

I was never sure about it, where it came from, why it was a lovely day for ducks. I could only assume they liked rain, but had never been able to observe the same ducks in and out of the rain.

Until we had ducks of our own.

It poured this morning and I had to take photo's of them in their first proper rain.

I don't know how we can tell, but they really did look very happy. Honestly!

                                                           Haven't they all grown though?

Steve pointed out that they probably like rain because it brings all the worms and other delightful duck delicacies to the surface. I will stick to my theory that they love the feel of the rain as I do.

I also took some close-ups of Ace this morning. She remains a mystery.....

At first we thought she was a Khaki Campbell - she had the classic duckling appearance. Now though, with the colours of her feathers we are more inclined to think she is a Rouen.
Poor little duck.....

                                                              Whatever she is we love her.

Just hoping she really is Martha not Arthur or we probably won't be able to keep her.

Quick change of subject now......

I was feeling industrious this morning.

So I made some Chocolate Yum Yums

I don't know the real name for them, but they make me think 'yum yum' when I eat them so they are Yum Yums.

And it wasn't until they were cooling that I remembered Steve doesn't like them.

Oh dear.

12 little actually they are quite large chocolate cakes.

Only one person in the house liking them.......

And that's The Girl With The Hypno Band.

Steve is going to give me a tightening session.

When all the Xmas goodies (and Yum Yums) have gone.......


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