Friday, 23 December 2011

MAJOR Panic Attack............


We had just finished our Tea at Three which we have every afternoon we are at home.

Rothwell Tradition.

The electricity went off.

Not a big deal - it does it now and again - something to do with where we live. So we weren't concerned.

An hour later it was still off and we I was getting concerned. Not about us - I love the excuse to light dozens of candles and sit by the open fire - but our duckies.....

I checked the outside ones and they seemed fine.

Eggs.........seemed fine too....


After FOUR hours I was thinking of bringing the outside ones back in. It seemed so unfair that their first ever night outdoors should be cold and without any lighting.

But the biggest concern was still the eggs. The temperature in the incubator should be 37.7; it was 20.


Steve put some tap-hot water in a hot water bottle and rested the eggs on it. It seemed like all we could do.

FIVE hours later the electricity came back on.

First thing to do - check duckies.

Outside - all snuggled up and apparently none the worse (I know - I worry too much).

The temperature on the incubator soon got up to 30 degrees, so we took the hot water bottle out.

All we can do now is hope.

Again it seems so unfair - today was a seminal point in their development......We stopped turning them today and increased the humidity and ventilation ready for the hatch over the next few days. It couldn't have happened at a more crucial stage.

I haven't heard any internal pipping......

Please that our babies survive........................

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