Saturday, 24 December 2011

A 'Mother's' Love

Well I am kinda their mother aren't I? Closest thing they have ever known anyway.


The Ducklings, of course.

We spent a very disturbed night, mainly concerned for their well-being. Needn't have worried - the ones outdoors were perfectly fine. To such an extent that they have moved again - they now live in Puddleduck Palace!

They were taken in a box and  unceremoniously tipped into the pond. That's the BIG pond at the bottom of the garden.........

I haven't edited any of today's photo's yet. For a start there were 52 of them - I didn't want to miss a moment of this important day. And I haven't had the time yet.

So they are in the pond........(carefully guarded by Sam and Ella)

..............and clearly loving every minute of it. They are being ducks. They are in and out of the water at will, they are waddling around the garden grubbing for worms/slugs/other disgusting duck delicacies.

They are Ducks.

And whilst I am very, very proud of them, I am still a little sad - they are no longer my 'babies'.

News from the incubator - there is none. I haven't heard any pips or seen any movement from the eggs at all. Huge sadness if they are all DIS.

But there is nothing we can do about it.

On a Xmas note.........this is my vision of last-minute shopping......

I am imagining thousands upon thousands of people descending upon shops today. Some for presents, mostly for The Food. Much of which will go to waste. Waste? Yes, because people tend to get Xmas Blindness...'I know nobody likes Cranberry Sauce but it's traditional isn't it'? In other words you have to buy it.

Can they not think for themselves? Can they not decide to buck the trend and replace it with something most people do like? Nope - that is not being traditional.

I remember as a child my Mum always made Bread Sauce. No one liked it, no one ever ate it. But she had this mental block - it's traditional so it has to be on the table. And be thrown away.

And this from a woman who had a little sauce jug bearing the words 'Waste Not, Want Not'. I told you she wasn't perfect didn't I?!

So I am proud not to be part of this obscene spending of money for 'traditional' reasons. We will not be exchanging gifts tomorrow. We will be eating a picnic lunch of foods we actually like. And we will be on a wild, remote beach. No signs of tradition anywhere in sight. And that is just how we like it. We are grown adults and no one can tell us what to do or not do. So we please ourselves.

I imagine by this time tomorrow (3 o'clock) after all these weeks of preparation, Xmas will be largely over. The presents will have been opened, the dinner will have been eaten, the Queen will be preparing to speak. Goodwill to all men (and women) will have flown out of the window and the real feelings will be emerging. Eastenders will have yet another cliff hanger before and after the evening news.

And the next day many will go straight back out to the shops and spend even more money in the 'sales'. Perhaps they could send their super-sale savings to charity? Perhaps not.

Then it will all be over for another year. No one has to pretend to be happy/nice/friendly. We can all go back to 'normal'.

God, I am such an old cynic aren't I?

Or am I just a realist?

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