Wednesday, 7 December 2011


......are emerging....

Well one at least. Sort of. Kind of thing......

The tiniest baby has been affectionately refered to as The Tiddler. Which became Squiddler. Became Squiddly Dot (as in Diddly Squat) so I think it will be Dot. Which also means a cute little thing. It is NOT Short Arse, thank you Steve. Or even Little Bottom. It's Dot. And since Dot is a girl's name and Dot is so tiny we will refer to Dot as she. A girl. We tend to think of most of them as girls actually. Except the really big ones who are The Big Guys.

ALL of them now have baldy issues. This puzzles us as it cannot be the result of being pecked by a Gosling as they have been here a week now. With no Gosling. So we can only conclude that either....

a) they have some dreadful communicable disease or
b) it is something that happens with ducklings or
c) they were put in swimming depth water too soon.

We have ruled out a) for 2 reasons. One is that it is not affecting them - they neither itch or are sickly. The other is that Ace would have caught it too. And she hasn't.

If it was b) and was something they all go through there would be mentions on the duck web sites telling first time owners not to be alarmed, it's only natural. And there aren't.

So c) seems the most likely. We have read that when newly hatched ducklings swim for the first time they have no natural oils of their own, so Mama gives them some of hers. These little treasures have no Duck Mama to do that for them. So swimming may not have been the best thing for them early on. No natural oils = dry skin (which is how their skin appears) = hair/down loss? We are on a learning curve.

Their general progress is fine. They grow overnight and always look bigger than they did previously. They had a very short swim today, WUP in their travel cot. 2-3 minutes each. We have raised the height of the heat lamp now ready to wean them off it. Ace still has hers, but that will change any day now.

All is well in Puddleducks Cottage.

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