Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No Interwebs?!?!

My dear old friend from Leicester phoned me today at 11.30.

I didn't get to the phone in time before the answerphone kicked in. She left a message that she would ring me back. Of course I couldn't phone her could I?


The internet died.

This used to happen to us every single time the phone rang which was a real pain. Steve phoned poor little Mr Gupta so many times they were practically on first name terms. But the nice little man fixed it.

Until recently when it has been dropping out for a few minutes after calls.

Today was 5 hours. (Incidentally that's the same as the power cut the other day).

What do you do when there is no interwebs?

Of course, there was loads I could do........

Think I will play with my Perfect 365 programme. It wasn't working - think it needs to be connnected to the you know where....

I know - I'll make those chocolatey crispy cake things I bought the cake cases for. Now where is the recipe? Bugger - I was going to find one online.

Can't edit any photo's as I haven't taken any today.

Done a bit of animating........none of which are prepared to be animated here. Fine on my desktop though. Steve, at this point, is sighing a HUGE sigh of relief.......

SO what to do?

It's actually quite worrying that a 'grown adult' can't think of anything to do that doesn't involve the www.

Did I say grown adult?

Nah - I mean me.

And no, I didn't animate this one.


I did personalise this (in honour of HRH Audrey Hepburn) courtesy of Moonpig.

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