Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nothing Happened Yesterday

Clearly, or I would had blogged it wouldn't I?

So yesterday was a non-event. Shopping, getting annoyed with people shopping and home sweet home. With our baby ducks and our baby cats.

Today. Is anything going to happen I wonder?

So far the babies have had their swim. What was amusing was the fact that the kitties were already in the kitchen when we got the duckies out. So we decided to see what happened knowing that we could intervene if need be.....

Intervene? Don't I mean 'rescue the kitties'? It was sooo funny watching them watching them. Duckies are totally oblivious. We took them out of the cot and they all waddled across the kitchen, peeping and quacking (Ace!) towards the bath (which is now their ex-brooder box - lots of room for everyone). Every one of them went straight past the kitties (who were 'hiding' under the table) without batting an eyelid.

They had a fabulous swim - all 9 together.......

Nine little not so little duckies in the bath.

Sam and Ella sat watching closely, obviously fascinated. So I picked up each one in turn and held them next to the bath. Both of them exposed their razor-sharp little claws, stuck them into my wrist (OUCH!), turned tail and ran! Back under the table. Where they felt 'safe'.

As we lifted each duckling out of the bath kitticats stayed watching from their safe place. Duckies spread out and preened as they do, then did their reverse waddle back to the cot and waited to be lifted back in. Too darned cute for words! Sam and Ella drew closer to each other and watched. I tried again, lifting each kitty in turn to the cot. Same reaction but I made sure they didn't scratch me this time.

So we are confident that kitties and duckies do mix. Could it be the safety in numbers adage from the ducks? Could it be that the cats realise they are outnumbered, and that in a week or two all those cute duckies are going to be great big fat birds? Don't know, not really bothered. There is harmony and that is all that matters.

On a 'creative' note you have to check this out......

I discovered it by accident last night and I was hooked! Downloaded the full version and had a couple hours of HUGE fun! 

Panto Season Approaches...Oh no it doesn't! Oh yes it does!

I think I'll stick to 'ME'

Oh, and things have happened today - 2 nice things.

The first was a nice person doing their job well. Let me explain....

When Steve bought me my Bamboo last year it came with free software, one of which was Art Rage. I love this programme and decided it was high time I installed it on my 'new' laptop. But I didn't know the Registration Key it asked for, and there was nothing on the disc. So I wrote to Wacom who make the Bamboo and all the software, explaining my problem. I didn't really expect an answer, but this morning they asked me which version I had. I told them and half an hour later they sent me a key. And it worked! So I wrote and said 'thank you' and got a very nice 'you're welcome' letter back. There are some nice people around and there are some people who take their work seriously. Thank You Wacom.

The other nice thing? My Duck mould arrived from Vancouver. WHAT?! you say. My Duck mould. Well moulds actually as Steve ordered 4. I make soap. Well I used to make soap (my shop in Norfolk....sigh), I haven't made any for well over a year. Until today. We decided they might sell well in conjunction with Puddleducks. 50p a bar? What do you think?

The eye and the beak have been photoshopped on for now until I buy food colouring. Cute though isn't he?

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