Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Oh Xmas Tree


This is our tree in all its glory.

It has to live in the kitchen or the kitties would think it was a new toy for them, and we would come in one day to find it felled with 2 kittens somewhere underneath. Sam was chasing balls all over the place as I was decorating it.

This tree, actually is a perfect example of the throwaway society we live in.

It was bought either last year or the year before, whichever year black was the fashionable colour for your tree. It came from Homebase. 5ft tall. So I went to Homebase's website. It was £40 when new.

So someone paid £40 for a lovely tree 1-2 years ago. When it was fashionable to have a black tree.

Presumably it is no longer such a fashion statement, as they have got rid and presumably replaced it. With whatever is this year's fashionable colour.

I don't get it.

When I think back to when I was a child we had the same old tree for donkey's years until it collapsed from sheer exhaustion. We got the same old ornaments out each year too, buying one new one every so often. None of this 'in' colour and style.

Shameful waste.

Oh, and BTW, what is it about tinsel that it has always has the same smell?

I just love that smell.

Evocative of childhood I guess.....

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