Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Brood

Here, as promised, are the newest photo's of our brood.

We class Ace as part of the brood as she lives next door to them and we believe has bonded with them. She is almost ready to move outside (under heat) but we will delay the move until the others are ready to go too. Ducks are very sociable creatures and one left alone can become depressed. Bless - we can't have depressed ducks as well as depressed Moos!

As you can see their little faces are all slightly different. Each one is developing its own personality, so we are hoping that any day soon we will be able to distinguish one from another and start thinking of names. We don't want to name them too early though as some of these little darlings may end up being sold.                                                 

And here is the BIG girl - Ace aged 16 days......

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