Sunday, 11 December 2011

She Quacked!

Ace, of course.

She quacked!

We both heard her on 3 different occasions.

Oh, it is such a sweet, gentle little sound. Like she is testing her voice box.

Until now she has just done the duckling 'peep a peep' which is darned cute. But she is becoming a duck.

She and the babies have had their living accomodation revised. Again. We have removed the seperate boxes from the cot and laid a tarpaulin in the bottom. They now all have more space to run around, which was needed - the babies are catching up with Ace. Fast.

Swimming arrangements have to be revised too. We had the WUP on the floor and put 2-3 in at a time (after the first one had jumped in himself!). But even then they don't have much room. They are growing at such a speed. So we will utilise one of the defunct brooding boxes as a makeshift bath. Clever huh?

Nine BIG birdies into one small bowl just don't go!

Food is changing too. As they are all in together we have had to put both chick crumb and growers' pellets in. It will be interesting to see who eats what!

The ducklets (eggs) will be candled again tonight.

Oh just look at this photo.....Steve snapped them all snuggled up and cosy and warm and fluffy. Don't they just melt your heart?

We're cleaned, preened and now warm and fluffy.

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