Friday, 9 December 2011

(Tiny) White Feathers

White feathers on 2 counts today....

First one was that customer who wasn't home....A lady phoned last night and asked us where we had been at 10.30 this morning. The penny dropped - we had the wrong customer. So they had the same surname, it was a mistake anyone could make. Just we did.

We rearranged her clean for today and she was very understanding about it. So one white feather.

The second? Well dozens and millions of them. On our babies' backs.

When we got them out for their swim today the feathers were even more obvious and I determined to take a photo of them. I snapped a few times, but they are such wriggly little people it isn't the easiest job. I did get one that I have blown up 4-5 times for this close up......

Aren't they gorgeous? And so tiny.

More Duck News. Ace our BIG girl is 3 weeks old today, so we think it's time to start weaning her off the heat lamp. We switched it off for a couple of hours this afternoon, putting it back on after her swim. We will leave it on overnight as it is expected to be below 0, but switch it off for a couple hours again tomorrow. By rights she should be living outside now. But I can't bring myself to throw her out in the cold when her brothers and sisters are still in the kitchen. Next week maybe....

Other news today. Did you know that there are no homeless people anywhere in this country except London? I have this on the best authority....

I applied to Crisis (a charity which helps the homeless) to help with Xmas 'celebrations'. I know from experience that Xmas has the highest suicide rate than any other time of year. The homeless are very susceptible. So I wanted to help with meals/entertainment/whatever.

I filled in the application form online, all was going well until it asked me which centre I would like to help at. They were all in London. Honestly. I know there is one in Winchester as we looked at it when we were threatened with homelessness. I thought all big towns/cities at least had night shelters?

So I abandoned my application.

I received an e mail today from Crisis reminding me to complete the form. I wrote back explaining why I hadn't and couldn't. London is approx 100 miles from where we live. Hardly an afternoon stroll.

I did get a response but it was so terse and unfriendly I just felt instantly dismissed. There were no offers of other places I could help. Nothing. I feel cheated.

So when you read or hear about all the homeless who need help over Xmas, think of me and others like me who would love to be involved. We just live in the wrong place.

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