Saturday, 3 December 2011

White Feathers?

The babies are a week old now. They have visibly grown since we have had them.

There is the baldy issue ......Now 5 of them have bald patches to a greater or lesser extent. It doesn't seem to concern them in any way - their skin does not look angry or red, so we are assuming it is nothing to be concerned about.

Interestingly enough the ones with the baldness (some are only noticable after their swim) seem to be growing tiny white tail feathers....

They are all just gorgeous, down or no down, feathers or no feathers.

And talking of gorgeous - just look at this beautiful girl......

                                    This is Ace aged 15 days under her infra red lamp (for heat).

After her swim this morning she was allowed to waddle around the kitchen for a short while. She preened and drank the water that was running off and puddling on the floor around her. Well she is an Honorary Puddleduck, isn't she?

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