Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

First off I had a crap night.

I don't know why but it took me 2 hours to get to sleep.

Then when I finally slept I kept waking up needing the toilet. I have drunk gallons of water for the past 48 hours to ward off the beginnings of cystitis. Yes, it has worked, but I have had to wee every 2 hours.

So a pretty miserable night.

Never mind - we were going to Romsey today.

Romsey is the third town close to us - there is Salisbury, Andover and Romsey.

We went there a few weeks ago and found a charity shop that had an 'everything £1- day - Wednesdays between 12 and 2. Today is Wednesday. So we went.


They don't do it anymore.

They had a rail of clothing marked £1, and I did find a half price top there. So that was 50p. And a pair of jeans for £1.99.

We also got some humourous Xmas cards for half price in Oxfam, in case we do Xmas next year.

And that was pretty much it.

Great fun at home - the ducks have learned to escape......

Steve put the little fence in to keep them off his newly-laid grass (yes it was grass 2 days ago), but these 4 had somehow found a way around it.

I went to tempt them out (with food - never fails) and saw the gap they had got through next to the Palace. And they clearly remembered it as they headed straight for it to get out. So I 'rewarded' them with some dried worms (!?!) and blocked the gap. Little tinkers.

And we had some Xmas cake today.

Well let's start at the beginning - we have had a cake here for a couple of months from Steve's Mum's kitchen. When we got it out on Xmas Eve we discovered it was not iced. Steve was not impressed - his Mum always makes the cake and his Dad always ices it.

Not this year.

So we had a slice each, but he kept moaning that it wasn't a Xmas cake without marzipan and icing.

So he bought some yesterday.

Marzipanned half of it.

Iced it today.

And wrote our 'names' on the top.

His has marzipan and icing, mine just icing as I don't like marzipan.

He is a great big soppy ole Hector......x

                       Um - I have just realised that his 'half' is almost twice the size of my 'half'.......


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