Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All is Forgiven

Things always look different after a good night's sleep. Not that it was that good a night, but it was better than the night before.

I told a very (wise and) good friend with cats about the Ella saga. She put me straight by saying that most of us only feed wild birds for the pleasure it gives us, not to feed the birds per se. This is very true.

So once the huge tub of fat balls has gone we will not be replacing them. We will be putting 2-3 out at a time instead of the 3-4 we are currently doing, then gradually 1-2 - weaning them off gradually.

By then it should be Spring and natural food should be plentiful.

So Ella has been accepted back into the fold.

And I have received another valuable life lesson.

Duckies are in the spotlight today. The indoor duckies.

The past couple of days when I have put them in the kitchen sink to swim Ebony has escaped. So today I put their bowl inside a spare brooder on the kitchen floor. This served 2 purposes - it meant that if anyone (Ebony) escaped she would find herself in a bigger box. It also meant I could get on with cleaning their cage without worrying they were going to commit hari kari off the sink.

They had no sooner been put in the bath than Ebony was out again. Oh well, she can get back in if she wants to....She did....

Then out again. 

Followed swiftly by Ivory......

and eventually (with a total lack of dignity) Opal.

They are still true to their birth days - Ebony first, Ivory next day and then darling little Opal so she is not left out! Their growth also reflects this - Opal is the one stretching her wings in the above photo. She is saying 'Look I am as big and capable as you 2!'.

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