Friday, 27 January 2012

All's Well....

Well yesterday ended very abruptly didn't it?


There was a phone call and Steve was having quite a heated conversation with someone. I stopped what I was doing to listen and support, and I never got back here.

The issues the phone call raised have now been sorted and all is well in our little world again.

So today (Friday)....

First thing we went to Enham Alamein. I suggest you either google the place or read about it here....

It is a wonderful place with a lovely atmosphere.It is somewhere that the disabled are the majority and everything is catered towards them.

We developed an affinity with the place when we were setting up our business, We were both depressed at the time and Enham (the charity) stepped in and helped us with a grant. So they have become our (joint) pet charity with Mencap.

The charity shop there is fabulous - one of those you could spend all day in and still feel you hadn't seen everything. Nothing is where you would expect it to be and there are so many nooks and crannies you could almost get lost. I love it!

We took a few bits in this morning (mainly books) and I had a nosey around while Steve arranged to clean their carpets. Remember just before Xmas - my Eureka moment? Well the carpet clean is partly to say Thank You for that and partly because without Enham we would never have had the business in the first place.

The lady was so thrilled that not only had Steve meant what he said, but he had actually gone in to arrange it. Without it costing them a penny, She called Steve a gentleman (hmmm - must put her right on that one!) and I'll swear his ears blushed.

I found a few things I couldn't live without - a dressing table set like my Gram used to have, a mirror in a star to add to the collection in the bedroom, a proper mirror on a swivel for the bathroom wall and a few other little odds and sods.

It was a good morning.

Got back and the sun was still shining so we went out with the ducks. Partly a continuation of yesterday's rearranging and partly emptying and refilling the pond.

Here is a photo' I promised of The Beast....

Performance-wise it was a bit of a disappointment, but it had previously been used for oil. Which would explain the gunginess inside it.

In the end we used the small one we bought, which although slow did do the job.

The ducks are funny - when they can see we have emptied the pond they seem to get an overwhelming desire to swim. They just can't figure out how to reach the water! So as soon as we start putting water back in - they cannot wait.......

            This is amazing - as you can see they are actually drinking straight from the hose pipe! Funny ducks.

So that was pretty much our day today. Doing (or planning the doing of) good deeds, shopping and the ever-present ducks. Of course there is other stuff going on - undercurrents that happen in every home.....Bills coming in, worries over various things. But basically life is good.

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