Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Better Day Today

Well let's face it, it couldn't have been much worse now could it?

A friend of mine told me today that January 23rd is considered the most miserable day of the year. Why? It is one month (or thereabouts) after Xmas with still a week to go 'till Payday. So tomorrow should be better still - woo hoo!!

So today....

The dentist appointment didn't happen. It seems that when we made enquiries at a different (closer) practise all our paperwork was sent there. So we are no longer considered patients at the original one. So I got a reprieve!

We did collect the pump we 'won' on Freecycle. Wow - it is some beast. We will clear the pond out in no time flat. No picture as yet as it was raining here today and the pump uses electricity.....Zap!

The indoor duckies are now outdoor duckies. It was actually a very simple transition.

I carried them outside in a tub.......

and put them into the baby pool........

They were totally unfazed!

Then when they were nice and clean they were put into the nursery shed......

.....where they will remain, under heat for a couple more weeks.

There is work coming up too - 2 jobs from a lady we cleaned for last year - she was so impressed she wants us back. And to clean for her friend too. This is quite a relief. January is always 'quiet' for cc's but this one has been too quiet. We are both anxious to ge back out to work again.

I did take photo's yesterday - some better than others. I have not photoshopped any yet (!) but I have uploaded one as my new profile pic.

Reactions please?

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