Friday, 6 January 2012

Busy Day.

Yup, it's been a busy day. But not very interesting unfortunately.

First thing this morning - shopping.

We needed to stock the freezer up so that meant Andover - there is a good Iceland there.

We had to look at Wilko's sale while we were there didn't we? They had some Xmas decs at 75% off so a box that had been £10 was £2.50. We got 2. Also a shower radio for £2.50 which was half price. I have never had one, but think it will be nice to have Classic FM on whilst laying in a bubbly bath.

We popped into the Salvation Army charity shop as Steve gets on well with the guy in there. Didn't buy anything this time.


Then home via the GP surgery. I had a prescription to collect.

It is nice to go shopping, but we are always more than ready to come home. We love our home.

This afternoon was an 'in the garden' time.

Steve has been fence building, I was trying to help the ducks manage their new (temporary) pond.

I knew they were drinking from it but I hadn't seen anyone swimming in it. I figured it was too high for them to hoist their plump little bodies into.

So I laid some bricks around the edge.........

This helped some of them (the bigger ones) but they still struggled to get out.

So I angled the base.


Everyone managed to get in.....

Everybody except one managed to get out. That one did with encouragement.

I sat watching them for ages - they are funny little creatures.

One will do something, then the rest decide it looks like fun, so they all have a go.......One walks off in one direction, so they all follow. I am beginning to see what they mean when they say they are sociable beings and can suffer depression if they live alone. They do everything together.

After we had got them into the palace for the night I came in and bathed the babies. They are still unsure about water, attempting to climb out as soon as they are put into the WUP. So I was forced to sit and encourage them wasn't I?! 

I loved it! I sat on the floor next to the cot (which has room for 2 brooders and the bath in the middle) so that I was on eye level with them. And splashed them.

I think I may have to repeat this exercise again tomorrow!

This is Ivory after her swim.......

And this is Opal.......

There isn't one of Ebony as she was just too wriggly and the photo came out blurred.

Look at how much these 2 have grown in less than a week though. Amazing.

So a busy day.

My cold Man Flu keeps coming and going. The icky bit right now is cattargh cattar catar   my nose is bunged up.

I am knackered again and I have back ache - probably from lifting bricks into the wheelbarrow and arranging them around the pond.

Heat will help it.

I know - I can have a long bubbly bath/jacuzzi listening to Classic FM!!


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