Sunday, 15 January 2012

Counting Blessings.......

That's what I have just been doing.

I was standing in the garden waiting for the pond to fill. It's only a small pond but it feels like it takes forever, Especially when it is cold and getting dark.....

So I was standing there and got to thinking. As you do.

I looked at the trees that surround our garden. I watched the hawk soaring above the branches keaning in the wind.

I listened to the ducks who had just been shut in for the night. They were doing their usual 'squabbling' that they do. It's like 'this is my place'. 'No it's not it's mine' 'Actually you are both wrong it's mine'. And you can imagine them all pushing and shoving, the biggest and loudest (Ace!) winning.

And then I listened to everything else. Which was nothing. And I felt at peace.

So what that we don't have money? We have enough.

We have each other, and this wonderful place to live in.

We have our ducks. Have you ever had a duck eating from your hand? It is the most amazing feeling - a gentle, nibbly sensation.. Multiply that by 9 and you can't not laugh.

We have the cats who keep the mouse population at bay. And give me wonderful photo opportunities like this.........

Can you believe that half an hour before this was taken they were chasing each other all over the house, teeth and claws bared.

And now I have come indoors to a cup of coffee and a heated heat pad to get myself warm. 

The coal fire is glowing.

The sky is gradually darkening except for a vague orangey glow in the west. That's something else that is fab about living here - there is so little light pollution the heavens look just stunning.

We truly are blessed.

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