Monday, 2 January 2012

Eeeek - I'm late

It is 6 p.m and I am only just blogging. That is dreadful isn't it?!

No, the thing is one of the 'charms' of living in the back end of beyond is the temperamental phone service. We live 7km from our exchange, and in certain weather conditions we can lose contact with the outside world. Or sometimes if we get a phone call we lose internet. This is what has happend today - one of Steve's mates rang and we have been webless for 2 1/2 hours. Not as bad as the five hours when my friend rang. So I am having pointed out to me!

Anyway I am back now.


Yup, there is news.......

                                       Darling little Opal moved in with her 2 big sisters last night.

I love this photo - it looks as if Ivory is saying to Ebony 'well what are we supposed to do with this little thing then?' and Ebony is replying 'I dunno - she looks more like you - I thought you would know'.

But they seem to have accepted her and have been showing her how to eat and drink. And being on either side of her.

I was a little concerned about her last night as her eyes were not open. They had been, but they seemed to be gummed up. So we bathed them and put her to bed hoping they would sort.

They did.

This morning she had almost caught up to Ivory. Who appears the same size as Ebony.

They had a swim together this afternoon and again Ebony and Ivory were looking out for Opal. It's lovely to see it.

So all is well in the indoor nursery.

Puddleducks Palace ditto. Ace is looking more male each day - the feathers on her head are tinged with (a very beautiful shade of emerald) green which does make us wonder. In nature it is the male of most species who is the attractive one. Girls tend to be drab!

Oh, something wonderful happened this afternoon......

It had been a lovely, sunny day, but there was a sudden downpour. And the sun was still shining. Woo Hoo - Rainbow Alert!

Have I mentioned my love of rainbows? I have a belief that they only appear on 'special days' or that something will happen to make the day special. Daft, I know.

So I ran outside (remembered to put a coat and shoes on first as I currently have 'Man Flu'), camera in hand in the hopes of seeing one.


I have never, ever seen anything like this before......

I always assumed that the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow myth was just that - a myth. I thought the rainbow was in the sky, followed the curve of the earth and just drifted off into space. I never knew they actually do end on earth.

Isn't that spectacular?

As I stood I could clearly see the rain falling through it in front of the trees. This rainbow ended in the field next to our home. And as we are the closest building to the field it felt like our 'personal' rainbow.

Had we not already lived in a place called Rainbow's End I would have wanted to name our home that.

When I came in and told Steve about it he asked had I dug up the crock of gold. I asked had he bought a lottery ticket!

But what difference would lots of money make to us? We would be richer, but it could not make us any happier than we already are.

It's strange, but earlier on today I had said I couldn't be happier than I am living here.

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