Tuesday, 31 January 2012

F-f-f-flippin' f-f-f-freezin'

It has been COLD here today - I don't think the temperature got above freezing, eeuwwww.

The ducks were re arranged this morning. Well for a short time anyway....

We took the 3 little ones out one at a time to integrate with the big ones.

It was fascinating to watch the interaction......I did take quite a few photo's....

Ebony was the first to be 'thrown to the lions'! She showed no fear at all - just walked straight up to the 'gang' as if she owned the place. The biggies didn't know what to make of her and there was that eerie silence I have only ever heard from these ducks......Then they all started talking at once....

They crowded around her (safety in numbers?) and she just stood there peep-peeping for her sisters.....these followed shortly.......

This is Ivory's more tentative approach. Notice how Ebony seems to have been accepted by the group? This was in the space of about 5 minutes.

Ahhh - everyone is having a drink together (ducks do seem to operate as one). Except for Ebony who was nudged in by Ace, and little Dot off to the left who really couldn't be bothered.

After this photo' was taken we witnessed a little argy-bargy as they tried to establish a pecking order. At this point we started taking the little ones away and putting them back in their own secure unit  shed.

We will repeat the process each day now until we feel they are ready to live in one unit full time - hopefully in the next week or so.

My feet are like blocks of ice - not been really warm at all today.

I long to get into our lovely warm bed and relax.

Nan night!

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