Thursday, 5 January 2012

The First One Wasn't a Fluke!

The first mouse that is.

How do I know? Because they captured a second one last night!

Neither of us knows how, who or where, as we walked into the living room and there was Sam with this mouse in his mouth.

                      I can't help feeling sorry for the mice at this stage as the cats 'play' with them.

Then Ella took over again and she took it outside. Sam followed and they both reappeared some time later and slept for quite a while.

We had a hot soak in the bath (bliss) and an early night last night. I kept waking with leg cramps, so I had been even more dehydrated than I had realised.

This morning the aches are still there. We also have Air Con sickness with the dry/sore throats.

Been busy though.

Fences have been rebuilt. Ducks reallocated. New pond installed (kiddies' plastic one).

Indoor ducklettes have been bathed and put into a new (well clean) brooder.

Xmas has been taken down and packed away.

We have bought 20 rolls of turf to start grassing the ducks' enclosure in earnest. I will post photo's as soon as it has been laid. And hopefully before the ducks trash it!

Sam and Ella seem to approve of the new fence set up.....

And the wild birds are happy with the relocated feeders. The woodpecker came to visit this morning too, but too fast to be photographed.

                                                                      Washing Line Nuts!

Talking with a friend this morning I was telling her how the cruise passengers yesterday all seemed miserable, but the cabin boys had a smile for everyone. 'Ahhhh' she said wisely 'that just proves that money can't buy you happiness'.

I think she hit the nail on the head.

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