Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy Ducks

Although I was reluctant to get up this morning I knew I had to. Things rarely seem as bad once you start dealing with them do they? Not that I have anything to deal with really, just feeling a bit low...

So we got the ducks out - they always make me smile. They are learning the routine - getting up means waddling over for a drink and something to eat. I enjoy watching Steve being followed by 9 cuddly ducks!

Also lots of wild birds in the garden today - it sounded like Spring out there. Of course most of them flew away as I got my camera out but I did catch some of them.....

We had to go shopping this morning so we left a note out for the postman (expecting parcels) and off we went.


I like Bookers.

It is a cash and carry warehouse only for tradespeople. We have a business so we are entitled to a trade card.

Oh the bargains to be had - you would need a blank cheque to take full advantage! But we did alright today - we got 48 packets of (Walkers) crisps for £5! We also got 20p a loaf bread and packets of bread rolls. We got 5kg Basmati Rice for £5 (it's £2 a kilo in Tesco) and 1kg mushrooms for £1.25. So we done good!

We also popped into In Excess as they have gardening stuff at reasonable prices and Steve needed some hose bits. I got packets of Xmas cards for 2p a pack of 5. Wow - that was amazing!

We got home and were just having lunch when Postie turned up. He had the usual brown envelopes and one or two other unwelcome items, but he also had 3 parcels!

One was my dongle :-)

Secondly the paddling pool for the ducks :-)

And third the electric drill pump that was to empty the built-in pond.

Steve was excited.

So we spent most of the afternoon in the garden.

But things didn't go quite to plan.

The paddling pool was a great success. We had to lift the ducks in one at a time as they are wary of new things. But once they got in there.......

Look - CLEAN water!


5 minutes and seven ducks later.....


So far so good. Most of them managed to get out on their own, only one or two needing a helping hand. Then they all went off to preen. I have to say we do have happy ducks. Or is it my imagination that they smile?!

Meanwhile Steve was trying out his new pump on the big pond.

With no luck.

For some reason the bit that was supposed to connect the drill to the pump bit wasn't doing its job. Steve took it to pieces and found the problem, tried to put it right, but it was NOT going to pump anything anywhere.

He got cross  frustrated. This is the second tool he has bought recently that has not lived up to its job. And the experience he had trying to get the first one fixed put him off trying with this one.

So another white elephant.

And a pond full of dirty water.

I felt so sorry for Steve - he is not used to things going wrong and doesn't know how to cope if he can't fix them.

So I put a 'wanted' ad up on Freecycle. For a water pump. Not gonna hold my breath though.

So it's getting dark and we went outside to put the ducks in for the night.

Why is it you never have your camera at the best photo opportunities? As we went into the garden, 8 white cuddly (and one brown/green/multicoloured) ducks lined themselves up outside the door of the palace waiting for it to be opened. It was a real awww moment. Silly bit was the door should have been open ready, but the wind had blown it shut. Tomorrow....

Baby duckies had a nice swim in the sink again. Opal is getting the hang of water at last!

I cooked dinner today. It was the fourth meal we have had from one chicken. We had it roasted with veg and gravy, in sandwiches, in a stew with dumplings and curried. We could even squeeze some muligatawny soup out of it tomorrow but Steve will not entertain the idea! When we were really strapped for cash we would buy a chicken and make it last as long as we could. Four meals is pretty damned good. The chicken cost £4 - you do the sums!

So today is nearly over.

Steve keeps saying 'is it bedtime yet'?


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