Friday, 13 January 2012

Has Winter Arrived?

Hope not!

Awoke to minus temperatures this morning. Brrrr.....But at least the sun had come out so it was quite a lovely day.

We had to clean an end of tenency for a friend. She took us to lunch as a thank you. So no cooking to have to worry about.

We bought more hose for the pump and couldn't wait to get it home and try it out....

The pump worked a treat, but the hose still was not wide enough to clear all the gunge out of the ducks' pond.

Much head scratching later we fixed a length of solid plastic tubing onto the end of the pump. It worked!

Still not fool proof though as there were leaves in the bottom of the pond and they were clogging the filter.

We do know where we can buy wider hose though.

But it's all money.....

Hey - look at these photo's I took of the kitties last night.....

Ellarina Ballerina! (just add tutu)

Snuggly Sam.

They are just so big now. They have caught a total of 3 mice (that we know of) between them, but still like nothing better than to snuggle up next to/on us. Adorable.

In laws have just rung to say there is snow on the way. They are a bundle of fun aren't they?! But they are 150 miles further north than us, so they could well get snow and us not.

I don't like cold.

Oooh - it was Friday 13th today. Some people choose to stay in bed to avoid anything untoward happening to themselves. I was brought up to believe it was a lucky day, so I will stick with that. And 13 is my favourite number anyway. Yes, I know - weird.

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